Bigs Bar , 3110 W 12th St, Sioux Falls

Rogues Gallery and Bigs Live Presents MONSTERS BALL 8: THE INSANITY CIRCUS featuring Lex the Hex Master & HOSTED by Clownvis Presley.


Clownvis Presley: The LA Weekly calls Clownvis Presley “Better than the real Elvis”. A bold statement indeed, but when it comes to quick wit, incredibly catchy songs, and genuine showmanship, its safe to say Clownvis has earned the title “The King of Clowns”. From the sideshow at Coney Island to the hottest comedy events in Los Angeles and everything in between, Clownvis is consistently brining his unique blend of comedy, song, and magic to stages across America.

Thanks to a controversial appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Clownvis is now familiar to millions of people around the planet. His outrageous audition is a must see (check Youtube). Following this break through Clownvis has become a huge sensation, releasing viral music videos and appearing on Comedy Central, The Tom Green Show, Playboy Radio, Sirius XM, and on comedy bills with legends such as Tim Heidecker, Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, Drew Carry, David Spade, Bob Odenkirk, and many more.

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Lex the Hex Master: Lurking in the shadows and bringing that “East Coast Rap” sound to the Underground is the Grim Reaper of rap, none other than our resident “Hex Master” – Lex the Hex Master.

Lex is surrounded by mystery and intrigue forming the “Shadow Army” and delivering that brutal New York sound like no other beyond the streets and to your ear holes.

Beyond the darkness and beyond redemption, Lex is ready to take the next step in taking over the Underground with the Shadow Army.

Are you ready? The “Shadow King” is just getting started!

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Rogues Gallery: Sioux Falls based hip-hop collective Rogues Gallery has ignited new life into the South Dakota rap scene.

Comprised of veteran emcees Griff , formerly of Red Vs Green, Adapt, formerly of Truth & Adapt and the Scaletippers, and Gorilla Pimp of the Black Mask Armada have joined forces to bring their unique soundscape of heavily sampled trap beats and aggressive wordplay bringing lyricism and hype live shows to the forefront.

Rogues Gallery will be dropping their 3rd Full Length Album "Hurt/Heel" at this years 8th Annual Monsters Ball!!!

Check us out on Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music and all streaming outlets.

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Other Opening Acts:

Open Minded: Open Minded experienced the next stage of evolution and became a full band outfit in 2015. The group joined forces with musicians from local disbanded rock group, SMOKE & MIRRORS (formerly of Open Minded Productions) and DJ Puzzlecutter. The group was complete with the shredding guitar of KC Jones and thumbing bass of Justin Von Rueden and newest member Sam "Chaos on the Drums" Stark. 2016 also produced 2 critical releases from the group. Something To Talk About, the groups final release with rapper Phat Boi Phresh and the upcoming self-titled EP, the first OMP record with a full 6-man band. Open Minded's new lineup brings the crowd and long time diehard fans what they deserve, a sensational presentation of great hip hop accompanied by a live band and DJ that takes their orignal music to the next level.

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